Texas Evidence Staff Writer: Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson is a third year law student at Texas Tech School of Law. He participates in various advocacy organizations and teams, which includes being a member of his schools Board of Barristers as well as various National advocacy teams. He is a Student Ambassador for Texas Tech and has participated in eight jury trials and one bench trial while performing extern duties on behalf of his school at the Tarrant County District Attorney's office. In addition, he has taken part in several motions to suppress as a student, working full-time alongside Assistant District Attorneys for over three months. He currently works as a Law Clerk at the Law Office of Shannon Brady Geihsler where he assists in legal research for various Criminal Law issues. Mr. Hanson is interested in being a litigator after graduation. His interests in law include Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Sports Law, International Law, and Arbitration.